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Insulation Contractors in the Greater Moncton Area 

Since 2006, Mike’s Insulation Ltd has delivered superior service, expertise and insulation solutions to residential and commercial customers in the greater Moncton area and throughout Atlantic Canada.


We provide and deliver superior service, and we’re proud of our high-quality workmanship.

A solid team of dependable and experienced staff, along with a diverse range of quality products and services, are what make Mike’s Insulation Ltd the best choice for all your insulation needs.


All work is guaranteed and done by qualified and licensed installers with experience.

Please contact our insulation contractors in Moncton to get a quote or to schedule an appointment.


The Benefits of Hiring an Insulation Contractor 

In some cases, people might consider undertaking a do-it-yourself approach when they require new insulation to save money. However, not only can this damage your property, but it can be injurious. There are many reasons to hire professional insulation contractors like us, such as:


  • Health and safety: As a layperson, you probably don't have the expertise, experience and equipment to install insulation. You will be exposed to harmful gasses, electrical wiring, and combustible material. This will endanger your health and safety. 

  • Property damage: Even a slight misstep when installing your insulation can cause significant damage to your home or commercial space. Your insulation installment project could go out of control and force you to spend even more money on repairs. Experienced insulation contractors like us have the know-how to handle every insulation installation safely. 

  • Effective insulation: A property improvement project, such as insulation installation, should add to your home's value and functionality. However, without the required experience and knowledge, you will end up installing insulation that is ineffective and lacking in quality. A contractor, on the other hand, will ensure that your insulation is safe and effective. 

  • Removal: Often, installing insulation also requires removing old insulation. This requires a lot of caution since it can trap pollutants and mould. In addition to that, it can also contain asbestos. For this reason, insulation installation is best left to professional contractors who understand all the risks associated with the job. 

Are you ready to enlist our help for insulation installation? We invite you to discuss your needs with our team today. 


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to insulation, you should only turn to the professionals. There are many reasons to choose our insulation contractors in Moncton, such as:


  • We have years of experience

  • Our installers are qualified and licensed

  • We work on all types of properties

  • We offer comprehensive services

  • We adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety

  • We offer hassle-free services


Contact Us

Our insulation contractors in Moncton are always looking for new clients. We would love to discuss your insulation needs and provide you with personalized insulation solutions. Please contact us if you'd like to know more about how we can help you. 

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Enhancing Your Comfort


Our insulation contractors in Moncton can improve your energy efficiency.

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