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Effective Insulation Removal in the Greater Moncton Area

Are you looking to remove the existing insulation from your home or commercial space? There are many reasons to remove the existing insulation, ranging from vermin infestation, smoke or water damage, to simply wanting to remove the old insulation. At Mike’s Insulation Ltd., we understand that the insulation space is sometimes out‐of‐sight and easy to neglect. That’s why we use modern equipment for insulation removal in homes and commercial spaces without releasing dust, debris, and allergens.


We ensure that our work is clean, tidy, and effective. All insulation is removed using a PVC suction hose straight to insulation bags in our trucks. Feel free to contact us to schedule our insulation removal services in the Greater Moncton area.


Know the Warning Signs


How to assess if you need more insulation or better insulation? If your property was built prior to 1970, you might need to re-insulate. There are a few other signs that will let you know if the existing insulation needs to be removed:

  • Soaring energy bills: if you notice a sudden rise in your monthly energy bill, it means your furnace is working harder to maintain your temperature setting. Even a small air leak through a crack can be the reason for the soaring bills.

  • Uneven temperature: every room should be the same temperature if your insulation is evenly distributed in your home. But, if you feel there is a difference in the temperatures in different rooms, it’s a sign to repair or replace your insulation.

  • A place for moisture: another danger is moisture, which can cause some kinds of insulation to collapse when they become damp. Wet insulation leads to the growth of moulds, and the moisture causes ineffective insulation.

  • Mice and bugs on your property: without insulation, mice and bugs find space to enter the property through the gaps in door and window frames. Even if you don't see any evidence of animals or pests, inspecting your insulation for traces is still important.

  • Cold ceilings, drafts, and walls: when your ceilings, drafts, and walls feel cold on touch, it’s a sign that there are gaps in the doors or windows, which means the house is poorly insulated.


Why Hire Professionals?


If you have old or damaged insulation that you’d like to remove and replace, it might be tempting to do that on your own. However, there are some very good reasons why you should consider hiring a professional for insulation removal in the Greater Moncton area. Removing old insulation can be a big problem without the right tools and understanding potential risks. Professional insulation removal will ensure ease, safety, contamination, proper preparation, and disposal.


Why Choose Us?


At Mike's Insulation Ltd., the in-house experts have the knowledge and experience to remove insulation safely and effectively. In some situations, property owners might be tempted by a DIY approach and could save some money in the short run. But, the potential risks just aren’t worthwhile (with hazards like asbestos or mould). Our team performs insulation removal with the proper tools and equipment without disrupting the occupants. Mike's Insulation Ltd. does it from start to finish, from complete clean-up to exterior disposal. 


Whether you need to insulate your new property or need our service for renovation projects, for insulation removal in the Greater Moncton area, contact us today!

Looking to have your home insulated? You could qualify for an insulation grant!
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Want to Remove Worn-Out Insulation?


Our insulation experts are happy to guide you through our insulation removal process with easy explanations.

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