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Long-Lasting Spray Foam Insulation in the Greater Moncton Area

Bring comfort to your home with polyurethane spray foam. Whether renovations or new construction projects, spray foam will increase the efficiencies in heating and cooling your home. Mike’s Insulation Ltd. provides you with high quality spray foam insulation services.


Polyurethane foam offers the highest R-value of any insulation material. Spray foam is ideal for basement walls, outside walls, rim joists, garage ceilings, crawl spaces and cantilevers. With spray foam, air leakage will be significantly reduced while energy cost savings and the comfort of your home increase. Reach out to us today to get spray foam insulation.


Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation:


  • Closed-Cell
    It is installed in new buildings, renovations and retrofits. Closed-cell spray foam insulation also serves as an air and vapour barrier.


Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation


Once you get spray foam insulation installed, you derive many benefits. When some of these are direct, they result from the mere installation of spray foam insulation. Others are indirect, i.e., they prevent damage that would have occurred had spray foam insulation not been installed.


Spray foam insulation prevents the build-up of moisture in your walls, vaults etc. 

It makes you and your family feel much more comfortable by controlling the temperature and keeping it within a comfortable range. 

It is an environmentally conscious heating option. 

It is a long-lasting heating solution. 

It makes your house sound-proof, albeit to a certain extent. This means you can find a lot more peace once you are indoors than you otherwise would. 


Best Practices for Spray Foam Insulation


Before you give the go-ahead for spray foam insulation in your home, make sure that you have gotten a thorough inspection of your house done by an expert. This inspection will help you find out if there are any issues, structural or otherwise, that will prevent the spray foam from performing at optimal capacity. It will also reveal any potential health or safety hazards. 


Why Choose Us


We’ve been in business since 2006, and have become a leader in residential and commercial insulation services over the years. We have established ourselves as experts in energy-saving solutions. At Mike’s Insulation Ltd., we are committed to providing the highest quality services so that our customers are 100% satisfied. When we work, we don’t simply complete a job but provide you with a genuine and reliable solution. Our goal is to do work that has longevity, and thus, we are always available to help you in case you find any problems too. Give us a call today to get your house inspected by our team and start the process of spray foam insulation in the Greater Moncton area.


Contact Us Today

To learn more about our spray foam insulation services, contact us today. You can either fill out our online form or write to us at We also provide blown insulation services for residential properties.


Looking to have your home insulated? You could qualify for an insulation grant!
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Spray Foam Insulation in the Greater Moncton Area

With spray foam insulation, you and your family can stay comfortable without having to go through too many hassles. 

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