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Vapor Barrier Installation in Moncton

A vapor barrier is a vital component of exterior walls. It controls vapor transmission and helps prevent condensation from forming inside walls and ceilings. Warm air inside your home has a higher pressure than the cold air outside and contains moisture.


To equalize the difference in pressure, the warm air tries to escape through your walls and ceiling. The vapor barrier is what prevents that from happening. Without it, the escaping warm and humid air would pass through the insulation and contact the cold outer wall surface, where it could condense and collect. The resulting buildup of water inside the wall has the potential to damage wall framing and promote the development of mole. 


Professional Vapor Barrier Installation Service in Dieppe


Vapor barrier installation is an essential process to prevent migration of water vapor. Most of the home’s heating ventilation, conditioning ductwork, plumbing and wiring is in the crawl space. All these fixtures are prone to damage from the moisture present in the crawl space which makes the installation of a vapor barrier essential. Vapor barrier installation is a complex task that requires the attention of professionals who specialize in this field. Mike Insulation Ltd.’s crew is trained, experienced and certified to take up any challenges.


Important Reasons to Install a Vapor Barrier

  • A vapor barrier keeps the moisture away. It makes the home drier by preventing dampness. In areas with high moisture in the soil, vapor barrier installation creates a divide between the house and water.
  • A vapor barrier prevents moisture from getting in contact with an electrical cable which can cause an electrical shock.
  • If your home is damp and smells musty, the problem maybe from outside. You may even have issues with mildew, mold and experience allergic reactions. After installing a vapor barrier, moisture will not be able to enter your home.  


Mike’s Insulation’ knowledgeable and professional vapor barrier installation team in Dieppe will make sure your house is properly sealed and will meet or exceed air tests to comply with  EnerGuide rated homes and/or R-2000.


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